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EzyTzy.com is a free online business promotion tool where you can search for local businesses in your city or out of your city. EzyTzy is a global place for all types of business. Primarily, we have started with IELTS Institutes in Ludhiana and Properties in Ludhiana, which is further going to be stretched all over the Punjab and in the whole of India. This service is free of cost for sole business owners and for those who want to add multiple locations, they need to pay a minor service fee that we will use to make this service better.

It is totally free for individual businesses who want to promote a single business online. If you want to promote multiple business, then you need to pay a little fee that is on monthly bases.

Yes, you can create your account and can promote multiple business. 

We do not ask for personal information in either means electronic or physically and do not share that such as your personal data, contacts, and bank accounts etc. Only enter the content that you want to promote online publicly. The content you have entered in EzyTzy.com is your visiting card and anyone can contact you using those contacts.

EzyTzy.com is a business listing website/app. Business owners register at our website/app and insert their public information in the form of Text, Images, Videos etc. We verify that content using search engine and approve this. After that our SEO team worked on that business and kept this up in search engine listing. When customers search for similar business then we show a list of registered business. Interested customers can call or email using the provided information.

Feature listing is a part of the paid promotion. The businesses that are performing good in industry and want to stay on the first page can own this listing. It increases the chances of more customer queries.